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Sundar C effortlessly balances the filmmaking - Siddharth
Added on June 11, 2013
2013 began on a great note with ‘Chashme Baddoor’ (Hindi) and ‘Udhayam NH4’ (Tamil) for Siddharth even though ‘Jabardasth’ (Telugu) disappointed him. Now the actor is desperate for a hit in Tollywood and thus hoping to get one with Sunder C’s bilingual directorial venture. ‘Something Something’ featuring Siddharth, Hansika and Brahmanandam in central roles is hitting screens on June 14. On this occasion Siddharth held a small chit chat with the media to share his views on the film and his future plans. Here are some excerpts from his interview.

Give us a few details how this project got started?Siddharth Interview on Something Something

Some time ago I saw Sundar C’s movie in Tamil ‘Kalagalapu’ which impressed me a lot.  Later when I saw him in a party I introduced myself to him and expressed my desire to work with him.  That was the first time I asked any director to direct a film with me.  Sundar was surprised too and politely asked me if I’m joking. I replied him saying that I was serious.  After few days he gave me a ring to discuss about this project.  So ‘Something Something’ began that way. 

What is it going to be in ‘Something Something’?

‘Something Something’ is about how a love guru will change a shy guy into lover boy.  The story revolves mainly around three characters.  While I’ll be seen as a software employee who’s afraid to talk to girls, Brahmanandam garu essayed the role of my love guru who will teach me the mentalities of youth and how to behave with them.  It reminded me of my college days.  In a way it helped me to exhibit in this film some of the expressions which I used to give during that period. 

By the way how was it sharing screen space with Hansika again?

Hansika and I are working for the second time after ‘Oh My Friend’.  She is a very good costar.  Our chemistry in ‘Something Something’ will work out well.  She has slimmed down a lot and looks more beautiful in this film than her earlier ones. 

What’s it you like the most about director Sundar C?

Sundar C’s style of filmmaking has surprised me and at the same time impressed me a lot.  He is very controlled, peaceful and effortlessly balances the filmmaking, whereas I get hyper for every small thing.  I even asked him how he manages to be calm despite being a director.  He replied, “Cinema is an entertainment field.  So we have to work in happy atmosphere.  Moreover it’s unnecessary to get tensed when certain things are not under our control.”  So that has opened my eyes wide and trying to change my mind from then onwards.

Siddharth on Something SomethingPeople know you as an assistant director, actor and producer?  When can they see you as a director?

I want to direct a film but can’t say when it will happen.  At present I’ve no time for it.  I do not want to sail in two boats at the same time in the name of acting and direction.  Time will decide when I’ll direct a film.

You have done several acting experiments in Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood. So if you could give advice about doing films in the north or getting started in their Bollywood career, what would you say?  

First of all our heroes have no time for Hindi films.  Even if they want to work there they have to leave everything here and completely focus on Bollywood.  That’s the reason even I do a film when I get a good offer in Bollywood and return back to south.  Bollywood treats the southern stars as new comers.  That’s also one of the reasons why our stars are not so keen in Bollywood.  Bombay is not the only Indian Cinema.  South industry is much bigger than that.  Everyone will understand that point very soon. 

What are your forth-coming movies?

My present film is a crime comedy under the direction of ‘Pizza’ director Karthik Subbaraju.  Similarly there is another film under Vasanth Balan’s direction.  A R Rahman will render music for this film.

When asked whether he’ll take up guest roles again, he politely replied, “I don’t have time to do guest roles.  I agreed to do in ‘Baadshah’ only because NTR and Srinu Vaitla requested me to do.”  

Siddharth is preparing scripts for his forthcoming production ventures. He said, “I’m planning to produce three films on my banner next year.  Hence I’m preparing scripts for it now.   We normally make films aiming for box-office success.  However hit or flop is not in our hands.  Many times good films were not received well by the audience and bad films come into limelight.  I’ve personally experienced it.  Few films which I predicted good results have disappointed me.  The reason could be wrong time of release.” 


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