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Dancing is my passion and I love Chiranjeevi gari dances - Aadi
Added on May 8, 2013
“Dancing is my passion and I love Chiranjeevi gari dances”, says this lover boy Aadi who is all set to appear in front of an audience as ‘Sukumarudu’ on May 10th. After making a boy-next-door impression with his films ‘Prema Kavali’ and ‘Lovely’, the actor, playing a foreign return in ‘Sukumarudu’, says that each performance does lend itself to a new persona requiring proper research. Below you will find what Aadi discussed about his forthcoming release ‘Sukumarudu’.

Tell us about your new film ‘Sukumarudu’?Aadi Sukumarudu Interview

Shooting of ‘Sukumarudu’ started last May and is releasing this May.  60 artists worked for this film.  That’s the reason for the delay in completion.  The film obtained U/A certificate. We are releasing the film on May 10th.  I’m very excited about it.  My character is very different and fresh.  My director designed it in different variations.  Dialogues in the film will attract the youth.  Nisha Agarwal played a village girl.  Anoop’s music is a big hit.  Krishna garu and Sarada garu played impressive roles.  I’m sure the film will win the audience’s hearts.

Can you talk about your role briefly?

Hero is quite contrast to the title ‘Sukumarudu’, which means he doesn’t know what’s affection.  Very selfish natured guy who always think about himself.  How he changes in the end is all about the film. 

Did you do any kind of homework?

Hollywood artists inspired me to do this film.  My character is such that it appears happy but sad deep inside the heart.  Jim Carrey and other Hollywood stars were my role models to do this character.  I remember few scenes which I took it as challenge.  There is one N T Rama Rao garu’s dialogue in ‘Maya Sabha’ in this film which I did in one take. I just tried to some extent, though, not at his range. I’m sure everyone will like it.”

Do you think you have improved in this film when compared to your previous films?

Yes, improvement will definitely be.  The climax scene in ‘Lovely’ has helped me a lot in this film to perform at ease.  I’ve learnt a lot from Rajendra Prasad garu in that film.  So there is definitely a lot of improvement in my performance in this film.  I don’t have scenes in Krishna garu combination in this film.  But I used to go to the sets at the time of his shootings.  His timing and punctuality are excellent.

Aadi Interview on SukumaruduYou seem to be very happy with producers of ‘Sukumarudu’.

Yes! They made this film with high production values without compromising on anything.  Many great artists and busy artists worked in this film.  We shot few scenes and songs at overseas for about 98 days.  This film will certainly become successful atleast for the sake of producers.”

A few words about director Ashok too.

I saw his previous film ‘Pilla Zamindaar’.  He showed the prominence of human values. When he approached me with ‘Sukumarudu’ script, I fell for his ideology and the way he designed the hero character in the story. It’s just not the hero, but every character in this film is prominent in its own way.

You are doing back-to-back films with Anoop?  Is there any particular reason?

Anoop and I are able to connect well. Right from ‘Prema Kavali’, he has been giving all musical hits and my films are also becoming hits.  I will continue to do many more films in his combination. Our new film will start by end of this year.

Now let’s talk about your dances in this film.

Dancing is my passion, especially Chiranjeevi gari dances. I used to always tell myself that I should be able to do atleast 10% of his dance moves. Baba Bhaskar choreographed the title song ‘Sukumarudu Sukumarudu…’. There is no male voice in the song ‘Neelaakasamlo…’but my presence was required in that song.  I followed Chiranjeevi garu’s style and looks in ‘Abbani teeyani dabba…’.  Songs are excellent in this film.”

Tell us about your female co-stars in this film?

Nisha played a village girl in this film.  So I address her as “Paalammayi” in this film.  Bhavana, who’s Sonakshi Sinha’s cousin also did wonderful job.”

What kind of response are you expecting from the audience?

‘Prema Kavali’ and ‘Lovely’ received wonderful response.  So I hope audience will accept this film also on par with those films.

What can the audience expect from you in this film?

‘Sukumarudu’ is a clean family entertainer, but the film will entertain the youth audience too.  There are also elements which the fans demand. Overall it’s a pure Telugu film. 

What did your dad comment on this film?

Dad saw my previous films and gave his sharp opinions.  But he has not watched this film yet.

What is next for Aadi?

My next is under Subba Reddy’s direction.  We have already completed 50% of shooting.  Senthil Kumar is the cinematographer for this film.  It’s a complete mass movie.  

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