Pappu-The Savior 2D Animation Movie
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Pappu-The Savior – Press Meet

Kaanipakkam Creations banner which earlier made an animation film titled ‘Lava Kusa’ is now coming up with two more animation film titled “Pappu – The Savior” and TV series “Leo ‘N’ Meo”. Kaanipakkam Creations banner has collaborated with an animation college called ‘RACE’ for these two projects. In a press meet held on Sunday producer Rayudu V Sashank said, “We are going to make a 90 minute run 2D animation movie titled ‘Pappu’ with an elephant story. On other hand, ‘Leo N Meo’ is a 52 episode series that are similar to ‘Tom & Jerry’ stories. We are very happy to partner with RACE Animation College for these two projects. The students of Animation College are only going to work as animators.”

RACE college senior faculty Ajem Maaji said, “There are two courses in our college. Cinema animation course is for 15 months with a fee of Rs 1,50,000. TV serial course is for 12 months with a few of Rs.1,00,000. We will also organize the placement. The plus two candidates are eligible to apply for these courses.”