Dil Raju To Release ‘Vellipomakey’ On September 2
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‘Vellipomakey’ Releasing On September 2 On Dil Raju's Banner

Dil Raju, who always been in forefront in supporting new films, artists and technicians, is now going to support yet another young team. The producer is releasing ‘Vellipomakey’ directed by Yakub Ali. ‘Vellipomakey’ features Vishwak Sen as hero and Supraja and Swetha.

On the eve of film’s release, Dil Raju said, “Immensely liked the concept of the film ‘Vellipomakey’ and the way the director told this love story is superb. In the same way, all artists have given wonderful performance.”

“It’s a feel good movie runs between eight characters including Vishwak Sen. It’s a wonderful attempt by Yakub and the team. I was very much impressed by the style of the director in extracting,” said the producer.

“Hero Vishwak Sen underwent training at Anupam Kher's acting school. Director Yakub Ali took training in the direction department at Ramanaidu Studios. IMusic director Prashanth Vihari was trained at AR Rahman. If we encourage this kind of good films, we will get many more good films in future,” said producer Dil Raju.

Director Yakub Ali said, “We have started the film ‘Vellipomakey’ 2 and a half years ago. I did this film within the budget that I had. It has given me immense happiness that hit films producer Dil Raju was very impressed by the film and came forward to release this film under his banner.”