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Press Conference by Hyderabad Bicycling Club & Smartbike Mobility Ltd at The Manohar

Hyderabad, 6th February 2018: Hyderabad Bicycling Club and Smartbike Mobility Pvt Ltd., announced the launch of Public Bike Sharing System, for first & last mile connectivity at Metro Stations, at a press conference, today.

 Smartbike Mobility Pvt Ltd (Smartbike), India’s fastest growing Public Bike Sharing System (PBS) Company, through a Joint Venture with Nextbike GmbH, Germany, world’s largest Public Bike Sharing System manufacturers and operators with a strong presence in over 120 cities across the world, will operate Public Bike Sharing (PBS) system on both sides of the new Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) Stations. Currently, state of art bike stations have been set up at Miyapur Metro Station, JNTU Metro Station, KPHB Metro Station & Kukatpally Metro Station and Feeder Bike Stations at Miyapur Junction, JNTU Main Gate & Cyber Towers. The Smartbike Feeder Station at Cyber towers is acknowledged as the World’s best bike station.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Manohar said, we currently have 75 smartbikes in the city and will be adding another 225 bikes in a few weeks. To the current 7 Bike stations in the city, we will add 23 more stations in the next few weeks and eventually plan to have around 300 bike stations in the next three years time. The first set of bikes were imported, now to cut down on the customs duty, an assembling unit for smartbikes is being set up in Hyderabad, we will import components and assemble them here. Similarly we will set up an assembling plant in Delhi to cater to the needs of Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur. We will invest around Rs 100 crs to address these plans in the next financial year. He said, Smartbike consortium recently won the mandate from New Delhi Municipal Council, for setting up Smartbike Public Bike Sharing System (PBS) in New Delhi with 50 Bike Stations to begin with. By July 2018 it will be commissioned and will expand to whole of Delhi in due course. We have recently launched a smartbike station at Amaravati Secretariat, he added.

All the bike stations have a fully automated docking system that allows users to take/return bikes easily in/out of bike stations. The Smartbikes are fitted with Board Computers & GPS Connectivity. The rider can take the bike from any Smartbike station and can leave it back at any other Smartbike station.

The much awaited registrations for the general public to use the Smartbikes have just commenced. The procedure for renting the Smartbikes is as follows:

  • People can register as a member on the website/App online.
  • They shall pay Rs 500 as deposit.
  • They can choose one of the following membership options:
  • Weekly Pass @ Rs 199+GST, 
  • Monthly Pass @ Rs 399+GST, 
  • 6 months Pass @ Rs 1199+GST & 
  • Yearly Pass @ Rs 1999+GST. 

For members, the first half hour ride is free. They can also opt for “Pay as you go” option also.

Time Member-User Fees (Rs.) Pay as you go (Rs.)

0-30 mins Free Rs. 10

30 mins- 1 hour Rs. 10 Rs. 25

Every additional 30 minutes Rs. 15 Rs. 30

After 8 hours (every additional 1hour) Rs. 100 Rs. 150

Some of the salient features of SmartBike:

  1. SmartBike registered customers can use their Metro Card to rent/return our SmartBikes. 
  2. Automatic front and rear LED lights powered by a hub dynamo.
  3. In-built GPS, GSM & WPAN modules for on and offline communication with central server.
  4. Integrated Lock (QR code based). 
  5. One-Size Fits all with low step Frame size.
  6. Front mounted Basket with capacity up to 5 kg. 
  7. User friendly gear system with 3 speed gear. 
  8. Easily Adjustable seat.
  9. Sturdy, lightweight Frame. 
  10. Visible difference of the Bike from regular Bikes in the market through design.

Public can register and start riding to contribute to clean environment.

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